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About us

Chocolate has always been my passion along with good food and good wine. The good and the beautiful are part of my life and since I was a child I learned to choose the most intense and particular flavors, spoiled by my father who knowing my goodies every Sunday always wore a small tray of sweets just for me. In time even with my new family Trussardi I continued this tradition and pleasure. In fact in our house there are never missed delicacies of every based of the Italian tradition, both in our lives together and in our moments of work. Good living and tradition that we have also conveyed to our children. In my professional life in the Trussardi family business and in the development of the Brand of greyhound I have always been involved in the search for excellence in beautiful and good product (clothes and leather goods and perfumes etc.) and this is for me as a DNA acquired that I could transfer even into the food.

Over time, I decided to turn my passion and my DNA creative and selective in a project of Luxury Food from the international, but always remaining faithful to my roots and values that make Italy famous all over the world.

I visited the artisans of the Langhe, Italian territory famous for chocolate, hazelnuts and fine wines (see Barolo) as well as for the truffle and I selected the excellence of raw materials and craftsmen in full respect of sustainability. So I got the products I wanted. The same way I did for the oil and wine.

So was born LALU LUXURY FOOD. It’s my nickname as a child and tells my story. That’s why I wanted to use it, to present these little masterpieces of pure taste, personally chosen by me, for you. But don’t eat too many.

Marialuisa Gavazzeni Trussardi



LALU chooses high quality raw materials and skilled craftsmanship of the best Italian tradition


Products of our land, genuine and controlled with the highest quality standards in full respect of productive sustainability


Luxury and refinement are the unique features of these small masterpieces of pure taste presented in an elegant packaging


LALU’s products are  made-to-order